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A leading global business intelligence provider offering advanced analytics to help clients make better, more informed decisions every day.

World markets are constantly changing and developing. To stay aligned with the latest trends and events, companies now need a global business intelligence provider that can predict where an industry is headed next, so that they can adapt, react and evolve. Fast. That’s where we come in.

By offering you integrated business intelligence solutions, together with the most advanced analytics for your industry and the combined expertise of over 700 market analysts, you can improve your business strategies based on relevant, reliable and actionable insights. Whatever your intelligence requirements, we have a smart intelligence platform, detailed research report or team of dedicated intelligence consultant analysts ready and waiting to offer you the solutions you need to grow your enterprise.

TeleResearch Labs has carved for itself an exclusive niche as a research house of repute amongst all players associated with the global telecoms industry such as:

  • Mobile Network Operators
  • Device makers
  • Network & equipment suppliers
  • App developers
  • Other third party vendors involved in the mobile telephony services’ execution and delivery chain.

We provide indepth and detailed analytical research reports rich in forecasts, strategy development, with numerous case studies to our clientele listed above.

Global Markets Direct is a leading provider of global business intelligence and market analysis. Their reports offer a targeted solution for marketing and strategic planning. GMD publishes a range of high quality company and industry reports, created by its large research and analysis capability and drawing from its extensive databases of industry-specific information.

GBI Research publishes in-depth strategic intelligence reports in a broad range of professional industries, including, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, alternative energy, power, clean technology, oil and gas and chemicals. Our reports draw on in-depth primary and secondary research, proprietary databases and high quality analysis from our in house and external expert teams. Insights and analysis at the company, country and industry level includes competitor and market data, valuations, clinical & market trends, product pipelines and forecasts.

MarketsandMarkets is profoundly known for the comprehensive market research and the well-known recognition it has achieved over the years. It is a leading provider of full Market Research Services and Business Intelligence Consulting Firm. It is diverse with more than 10 Industrial Verticals and also tracks each and every submarket and revenue pocket of these verticals, about their current trends and growth prospects. It also offers customizability in its strategically analyzed, full-length Global Syndicate Research reports.

The vast database available with M&M is evident from 900 plus of elevated market research reports that they publish annually. The extensive use of market data, directories, databases, white papers, annual reports, including forecasting materials and data tables with advanced analytical techniques help the company deliver accurate business research reports. M&M takes great pride in their Research Methodology and Delivery Model, which include Custom & Consulting Projects and Syndicate Research study along with easy Customizability options.

MarketsandMarkets Expertise & Service Offerings:

Along with the proud source of business intelligence to the highly recognizable clients like Samsung, Microsoft, Cisco, Siemens, IBM and such other companies, M&M aims at providing global as well as regional level market research and analysis to their global clientele.

  • Syndicate Research: Their Syndicate Research provide market estimates and forecasts based on multi-client market research reports. The study span includes opportunity analysis & market assessment, entry strategies, product placement, management executive summaries, competitive landscape, and leader positioning.
  • Custom Research Services: Their vast range of customized services help companies in the business and market research value chain. From day to day information needs to complex research projects help their clients fulfill their strategic needs and stay ahead in the competition.
  • Research Consulting Services: The team of experts from M&M helps the clients to evaluate their strategic action plans, statistics about the options, and the firm intelligence they need to reach critical bottom-line decisions. Dedicated account managers are appointed to address the specific consulting needs of the clients.

Industries Covered by M&M

Over the past few years, M&M has made mark in providing market research for a range of different business niches and offers detailed information about the best practices in the industries for competitive landscaping and benchmarking. Various industries covered by the company include:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Energy and Power
  • Biotechnology
  • Food and Beverage
  • Chemicals
  • Medical Devices
  • Advanced Materials
  • Semiconductor and Electronics
  • Automation and Process Control
  • Telecom and IT
  • Consumer Goods
  • Automotive and Transportation
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Healthcare IT
  • Agriculture Industry
  • Engineering Equipment & Devices
  • Packaging

M&M help the clients to build a strong brand visibility through economic forecasting, roadmap analysis, primary interviews and in-depth analysis of the vendor offerings from the user perspective. The commitment to excellence and urge to provide comprehensive and on-hand expertise to the customers, MarketsandMarkets vows to provide error-free, full-length, reliable and high quality industry intelligence to their clients.

MicroMarketMonitor provides deep dive insight into 5000 granular markets along with the updates. The company has identified several un-met needs in the industry such as no other publisher provides value chain impact analysis on the overall size of the market both from demand and supply side, also from the vendor & customer side. The reports are more graphical in nature which provides Multi-Dimensional Analysis of any market using advanced Business Intelligence Tools. These reports provide you competitive landscape, competitive profile along with the competitive SWOT analysis. They also provide customer landscape identifying the top customers for the target market. MicroMarketMonitor provides entire value chain reports as a single bundle of report.

QYResearch has 4000 global well-known customers, covering energy automobile pharmaceutical chemical agriculture more than 30 industries, services from the data analysis and recommendations-Consulting landing one-stop solution, and research regions cover China,US,EU,Asia,Middle East and Africa,South America,Australia,etc Global all regions,and also built research or marketing center in China(Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou) USA Canada Germany UK France Hongkong etc regions.

Plunkett Research, Ltd. was established in 1985. Plunkett's products save time and effort when you need competitive intelligence, market research, vertical industry marketing data, or industry trends analysis. We cover such vital industry sectors as health care, financial services, retailing, entertainment, energy and information technology.

Our client list includes over 10,000 organizations worldwide that rely on our market research analysis. Over 20,000 people per day turn to our printed or electronic editions for vital data.

Asia Market Information & Development Co. (AMID) is a leading source for the Chinese industry data and market intelligence. We have published over 1,000 market reports on the fast-growing industries in China. Our major clients are Exxon-Mobile, BASF, Chevron, etc. Our market reports, covering a broad range of the Chinese fast-growing industries, are designed to keep corporate executives, strategic planners, international managers, market researchers and information specialists informed of the business, economic and political environment in China. The research and analysis are done in China to ensure access to up-to-date government regulations, market information and industry data. We provide in-depth analyses of the current industry situation and present historical data and long-term forecasts. Our market analysis reports help gain insights into China's business environment, market growth, industry composition, product demand and outlook, competition, international trade and industry participants. Whether you export, distribute or invest in the Chinese market, these research reports can help you with your strategic planning and investment decision-making

IndustryARC primarily focuses on Cutting Edge Technologies and Newer Applications of the Market. Our Custom Research Services are designed to provide insights on the constant flux in the global demand-supply gap of markets. Our strong analyst team enables us to meet the client research needs at a very quick speed with a variety of options for your business. We look forward to support the client to be able to better address customer needs; stay ahead in the market; become the top competitor and get real-time recommendations on business strategies and deals.

Global Research & Data Services is one of the leading sources of global industry information. Since 1992, the company’s strong expertise has helped thousands of companies from more than 70 countries around the world to identify new business opportunities with our key market trends and analysis

MarketSizeInfo.com is a leading publisher of industry information. Our publications present the market size, development, and forecasts from a wide range of industries. The publications are designed for companies who want a complete picture of their industry of choice. The publications make it easy to compare different countries and product groups with each other to be able to find market opportunities and make better business decisions

Informa is a leading business intelligence, academic publishing, knowledge and events business, creating unique content and connectivity for customers all over the world. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a member of the FTSE 100.

MarketLine, is one of the most prolific publishers of global business information today. Profiling all major companies, industries and geographies, no other business information company comes close to matching our sheer breadth of coverage. Our content is produced by an internal team of analysts, drawing on primary and secondary research and prepared under an established methodology that’s been tried and tested over 10 years. With offices in New York, London, Manchester, Sydney, MarketLine continues to build an enviable clientele list spanning the world within a number of industries and across variety of job functions.

MarketLine coverage includes Company reports, Industry Profiles, Country Profiles and Financial deals activity for companies and industries.

The mission of CBR Pharma Insights is to empower companies within the pharmaceutical industry to make the best business decisions possible through providing them with quality, innovative, strategic market research solutions.

CBR’s market research solutions are focused on being both proactive & reactive in identifying, evaluating, and assessing the key strategic R&D and commercial issues within the pharmaceutical industry.

Canadean has long held a reputation with FMCG markets for providing specialist business information by conducting detailed industry and consumer research, supported by insightful value-added analysis. Canadean covers the entire spectrum of the consumer value chain from suppliers, brand owners, distribution channels and consumer insight.

By researching markets in a holistic way, Canadean’s research methodology enables clients to make informed, strategic decisions that are founded on robust and reliable data and market insights. Canadean specializes in online survey panels, qualitative and quantitative in-country research, industry analysis and consultancy.

Canadean’s dedicated in-country researchers and analysts have an industry background in marketing, market research, consulting and advanced statistical expertise. They are well positioned in the industries themselves and therefore, best placed to ask the right questions of the right people. This network of professional researchers stretches across more than 80 countries, enabling Canadean to conduct unique research via our trusted business communities.

ICD Research is a full-service global market research agency and premium business information brand specializing in industry analysis in a wide set of B2B and B2C markets. ICD Research has access to over 400 in-house analysts and journalists and a global media presence in over 30 professional markets enabling us to conduct unique and insightful research via our trusted business communities. Through its unique B2B and B2C research panels and access to key industry bodies, ICD Research delivers insightful and actionable analysis. The ICD Research survey capabilities grant readers access to the opinions and strategies of key business decision makers, industry experts and competitors as well as examining their actions surrounding business priorities.

Conlumino publishes a select range of analytical research covering a number of different sectors and issues. All of our published analysis provides an in-depth, expert understanding of markets, retailers, consumers and key issues. Moreover, it is always action focused so as well as helping you to understand what’s going on, it helps you to make better business decisions.

We work with many of the world’s leading retailers, property firms and those in the financial sector to help them maximize success through developing a thorough understanding of the sector and its likely future performance.

Strategic Defence Intelligence provides a stream of continuously updated customer and competitor intelligence, as well as detailed research reports providing an unrivalled source of global information on the latest developments in the defence industry. Strategic Defence Intelligence's unique monitoring platform tracks global defence activity for over 2,500 companies and 65 product categories in real time and in a highly structured manner, giving a comprehensive and easily-searchable picture of all defence industry activity.

Since 1990, Kable has been providing the UK and the world's largest suppliers with unique insight into public sector opportunities and markets. Our network of contacts allows Kable unparalleled insight into policy as it formulates while our modelling systems mean Kable processes and aggregates procurement data faster and more accurately than anyone.

Kable research focuses on public sector business, providing our clients with the ability to zoom into every Whitehall department, every devolved administration, every unitary authority, every executive agency, every non-departmental public body, every county council, every district council, every health trust, every police force and every university authority (and many FE colleges) right across the UK.

Kable is the recognised market leader and benchmark in public sector ICT market intelligence. It's the core of our expertise. Because we research deeper, our clients can see further. That's the unique proposition of Kable's strategic market intelligence. Our five-year forecasts by vertical markets, by product and by service category are considered authoritative planning, mapping and targeting tools by the UK's largest ICT suppliers.

Our strategic intelligence covers macro-demand opportunity identification and analysis; market sizing and forecasting; policy drivers and dynamics; and broader public sector issues such as shared services, outsourcing and green ICT.

For nearly 25 years, Pyramid Research has been providing practical advice on emerging market and service opportunities to leaders in the converged communications, media and technology industries. This distinctive approach to our research helps our clients identify opportunities and develop profitable business strategies.

Our highly structured analysis closely examines the performance, technology trends, macroeconomic and regulatory environment of service providers and equipment vendors in all of the countries we cover. Using a bottom-up approach, we size market demand across services and countries, and conduct end user surveys to validate adoption trends and anticipate shifts in demand.

Unlike our competitors who provide general global answers by indexing data from a few select markets, we fully segment and analyze the competitive landscapes of more than 100 countries. We conduct our own primary research in every country and develop scenarios for growth across technologies by assessing existing and emerging business models.

This unparalleled foundation assures clients that advice from Pyramid Research is reliable, relevant, and practical.

Verdict Research is a United Kingdom-based company with over 20 years of experience in developing and publishing unparalleled independent analysis pertaining to the core sectors of the retail industry, including food & grocery, health & beauty, clothing & footwear, DIY & home, automotive, electricals & entertainment and fuel, among others. The company’s research studies give comprehensive insight on the related key distribution channels such as department retailing, online retail and home delivery.

The company has established strong work relationships with the UK’s leading retailers and major executives operating in the top 300 retail sectors. Verdict keeps its customers abreast of the recent changes and developments in the UK and global retail marketplaces. Verdict’s product portfolio consists of bespoke consultancy services, consumer research, forecasts, market reports, briefings, trend and competition insights, and far more. The company’s offerings allow numerous market participants to identify and fully understand the emerging market opportunities and turn them into benefits.

Verdict Financial is a specialist information provider serving the international financial services markets. Delivering intelligence through modular reports, ensuring you remain competitive by guiding your strategic planning and helping you stay ahead of the curve. Sectors covered including consumer payments, retail banking, wealth management and general insurance.

Providing essential market & corporate intelligence, business information, and a wide range of research services to clients around the world since 1974. We offer fully packaged, and constantly up-dated, research products which can be provided immediately on demand. We offer harmonisation and consistency in all our publications and database products; and this means that clients can be sure that all the information will be compatible and that all the information they use will be of the same high standard and quality.

Current Analysis , a wholly owned subsidiary of GlobalData Plc , is a leading global provider of timely , practical market and competitive intelligence for telecom and IT businesses. For over 15 years , our independent experts and proprietary services have empowered fast-paced companies to quickly evaluate opportunities , benchmark performance , make more informed decisions and win business. Relied upon as an unbiased and trusted partner , Current Analysis serves more than 35 ,000 professionals representing over 1 ,500 major organizations.

Progressive Markets is the answer to every possible business query. It is a market research and business consulting firm, headquartered in India with an aim to deliver up-to-date executive support to foster overall growth of an organization in its domain. With more than 442 syndicate and customized research reports for 11 industry verticals at hand, the plausible resolutions to your business concerns are just one-query away. The company offers client-centric customizations on research reports to cater to their operational segment and geography.

DataMarketResearch is a Global professional and depth research and survey company mainly focus global industry chain market data and information service for clients all over the world, it ofer details data by players(generally TOP30) by regions (United States Europe China Japan India South East Asia etc.) by Product Type(generally more than 3 kinds product type) and by applications. as a professional market survey company, it have a rich experience team who know well about second hand survey and first hand interview method, and DataMarketResearch also has a strong survey network cover US EU Asia global key regions and cover these regions government statistic agencies, import export data, industry associations, key public companies finance reports and industry leading third part data providers. Besides second hand data, DataMarketResearch pay more attention to primary survey method with rich experience on phone interview, face to face interview, group conference, headhunting interview and so on. These first hand checking method help DataMarketResearch offer better and higher quality market research service for clients all over the world. For more details please go to www.DataMarketResearch.com

Detailed-Analysis Research mainly focuses on details data or insight information for clients all over the world. It is a fast developing consulting company mainly offers high quality and detailed analysis for high end clients. Detailed-Analysis Research has a team with more than 100 employees all over the world; all of them love survey and consulting, also enjoy share depth and details data or information of all kinds industries. They collecting details data or information mainly from marketing and technical engineers and also build global professional information network with industry experts and industry chain players. in order to reach detailed analysis and data, Detailed-Analysis Research build up industry chain network cover raw materials suppliers, equipment suppliers, technology vendors and all up stream players, and then build up connecting with middle stream players(generally TOP40 players),downstream buyers end users key applications and also third part R&D institute or government agencies will connect together and build a industry chain group to checking and sharing data information or insight opinions with all supply chain players and double checking or multi way confirm related details or information.as a professional details information provider, Detailed-Analysis Research continue focus on clients success and also by clients all over the world. for more details, please go to www.detailed-analysis.com.

US Market Insight is a US base consulting company focus Global and United States market survey and research, its headquarter locate in Los Angeles California and with a survey network cover the whole country.US Market Insight offer global and US market survey reports and also custom research service for all kinds of industries such as automotive electric internet software equipment chemical medical energy agriculture.it has a rich experience team and mainly use second hand and first hand survey method.US Market Insight also build good relationship with a lot of data base suppliers, US government statistic agencies, import export data base, industry associations data base, New York exchange NASDAQ public companies Finance data and some United Nations Organization data base, all this data and information help us offer market insights and details data for clients all over the world, for more information, please go to www.usmarketinsight.com

Jp Research is a Japanese consulting company based in Tokyo Japan, which provides standard market research and custom reports. In order to provide high quality services to satisfy the client requirements,JP Research established an advanced surveying system, which has the primary resources from supply chain,experts,R&D technology,government agencies,distributors and the secondary resrouces from public company data, import data, export data,industry association data,the third part data,government data,etc. With the highly experienced team, JP Research fullly understands the needs of clients and privdes the services as required. For more infromation or business cooperation, please visit our website at www.qyresearchjapan.com

QYResearchEurope is a QYResearch brand. QYResearchEurope mainly focus on global and Europe details analysis of different industries.

Allied Market Research is the fastest growing market research and consulting company. With a worldwide audience in over 14 industry verticals, ranging from Life Sciences to Aerospace, AMR is a one stop solution for business intelligence and investment advices. Get in-depth projections of strategies, growth, market investigation, opportunity analysis, and consumer surveys, along with customized studies on more than 10,000 niche markets.

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