Wealth in Australia: HNW Investors 2018

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Report ThumbnailMarch-2018
Wealth in Australia: HNW Investors 2018


The Australian wealth market offers significant opportunities for wealth managers despite its high level of development. The local HNW segment is significantly older than their global peers, suggesting that intergenerational wealth transfer will offer a significant source of new business over the coming years. In particular, inheriting female spouses are often overlooked and should be given more attention. In the expat space, wealth managers will

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  • List of Figures
  • Figure 1: Female HNW investors tend to be younger than their male counterparts 9
  • Figure 2: Expats represent just 7.3% of the Australian HNW population 10
  • Figure 3: Becoming the prime wealth manager pays off in Australia 11
  • Figure 4: Investors’ significant allocation to equities could result in strong portfolio value fluctuation should volatility increase 12
  • Figure 5: Better returns offshore are driving HNW wealth abroad 13
  • Figure 6: The focus has shifted from retail to commercial
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  • List of Tables
  • Table 1: Cash and near-cash products: importance of asset allocation drivers 45
  • Table 2: Equities: importance of asset allocation drivers 45
  • Table 3: Bonds: importance of asset allocation drivers 46
  • Table 4: Property: importance of asset allocation drivers 46
  • Table 5: Commodities: importance of asset allocation drivers 46
  • Table 6: Alternatives: importance of asset allocation drivers 47
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  • Table of Contents
  • 1.1. Already a mature wealth market, Australia still offers room for growth 2
  • 1.2. Key findings 2
  • 1.3. Critical success factors 2
  • 2. OVERVIEW 8
  • 2.1. Succeeding in Australia’s HNW market requires an understanding of evolving HNW demand patterns 8
  • 2.2. Demographics: Professionals employed in the financial services industry represent a lucrative target market 9
  • 2.3. Expats: Providers will have to work hard to make the expat opportunity work 10
  • 2.4. Investmen
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