Wealth in the UAE: HNW Investors 2017

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United Arab Emirates, 51 pages report, published by GlobalData

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Wealth in the UAE: HNW Investors 2017


"Wealth in the UAE: HNW Investors 2017" analyzes the Emirati investments markets, with a focus on the HNW segment. The report is based on our proprietary datasets.

The resident population in the UAE is predominantly comprised of expats. Reflecting this, expats also constitute a noteworthy 74.6% of the local HNW population – which has considerable implications when it comes to investors’ product and service demand. With strong demand for all planni

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  • List of Figures
  • Figure 1: The bulk of HNW investors in the UAE are males below the age of 60 10
  • Figure 2: Earned income is the main source of wealth for UAE’s HNW investors 11
  • Figure 3: Property and real estate are the leading generators of Emirati wealth 12
  • Figure 4: Most HNW investors in the UAE hold board member positions 13
  • Figure 5: 74.6% of the UAE’s HNW client base is made up by expats 14
  • Figure 6: Almost half of the UAE’s HNW expats are from India 15
  • Figure 7: Axis Bank Private Banking U
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  • List of Tables
  • Table 1: 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Index rankings 13
  • Table 2: AED to US dollar exchange rate, December 31, 2015 and December 31, 2016 49
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  • Table of Contents
  • 1.1. HNW individuals are typically expats and have sourced their wealth either through earned income or family business ownership 2
  • 1.2. Key findings 2
  • 1.3. Critical success factors 2
  • 2.1. Earned income remains the largest source of wealth 9
  • 2.1.1. The bulk of Emirati HNW individuals are male and below 60 years of age 9
  • 2.1.2. Earned income is the leading source of Emirati HNW wealth 10
  • 2.1.3. Many HNW investors hav
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