Country Profile: Meat sector in Austria

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Country Profile: Meat sector in Austria


Austria accounts for a significant value share in the regional (Western European) Meat market. Furthermore, the per capita consumption of meat in the country remains high when compared to the global and the Western European levels. A large base of working population, increasing urbanization and rise in disposable income are aiding the growth of Meat sector in the country. The Austrian Meat sector is led by Cooked Meat - Counter, which is the larg

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  • List of Figures
  • Figure 1: Value share of Austria in the global and Western Europe Meat sector, 2011-2021 4
  • Figure 2: Austria compared other top four countries - market size, growth and competitive landscape 5
  • Figure 3: Market size analysis by value and volume, Meat sector, 2011-2021 6
  • Figure 4: Per capita consumption of Meat in Austria compared to global and Western Europe average, 2011-2021 7
  • Figure 5: Degree of trading up/down in the Austrian Meat sector, 2015-2016 8
  • Figure 6: Value and volume
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  • List of Tables
  • Table 1: Growth analysis by markets, 2016-2021 10
  • Table 2: Brand Value and Volume- Meat Sector 37
  • Table 3: Brand Value and Volume- Ambient Meat Market 38
  • Table 4: Brand Value and Volume- Chilled Raw Packaged Meat - Processed Market 39
  • Table 5: Brand Value and Volume- Chilled Raw Packaged Meat - Whole Cuts Market 40
  • Table 6: Brand Value and Volume- Cooked Meats - Counter Market 41
  • Table 7: Brand Value and Volume- Cooked Meats - Packaged Market 42
  • Table 8: Brand Value and Volume- Fr
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  • Table of Contents
  • 1. Report Scope 1
  • 2. Executive summary 3
  • 3. Austria in its regional context 4
  • 3.1. Austria‚Äôs market share in the Global and Western Europe Meat sectors 4
  • 3.2. Austria compared to other major countries in the Western Europe region 5
  • 4. Market size analysis - Meat Sector 6
  • 4.1. Value and volume analysis - Meat sector in Austria 6
  • 4.2. Per capita consumption analysis -Austria compared to the global and Western Europe region 7
  • 4.3. Extent to which consumers are trading up/down in t
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